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2016 award winners

Cattle: Silver Challenge Cup (supreme champion): W Oldfield; Silver Cup (Holstein champion): A Throup; Aireville Rosebowl (best local animal bred by exhibitor): DM & J Booth; Aireburn Cup (best registered Holstein Friesian cow in milk): W Oldfield; Preston Farmers Rose Bowl (best registered Holstein Friesian Heifer in milk): DM & J Booth; Settle Limes Silver Cup (best registered Holstein Friesian cow in calf): A Throup; Airebank Trophy (best registered Holstein Friesian heifer in calf): Samantha Sugden; Hesper Cup (best Holstein Friesian bred by an exhibitor): DM & J Booth; Moorhouse Silver Cup (best Ayrshire cow in milk): Ian Patrick; Howarth Silver Jubilee Challenge Cup (best Ayrshire heifer in milk): Bobby Cranshaw; Mrs Coulthurst Silver Challenge Cup (best Ayrshire cow or heifer in calf): Ian Patrick; Marigold Cup (best Ayrshire bred by an exhibitor): Bobby Cranshaw; Leslie Howard Perpetual Memorial Trophy (champion Jersey): Ed Sugden; Francis and Rosie Kitchen Cup (best Jersey bred by an exhibitor): Ed Sugden; Ibbotson Rose Bowl (best Jersey heifer in milk): Mr Acey & Mrs Barker; George Thompson Memorial Trophy (most points in show): Mr Acey & Mrs Barker; Heslaker Challenge Trophy (champion shorthorn): GPS Fleetwood; Agricultural Section Committee Rose Bowl (champion shorthorn): GPS Fleetwood; Craven Tenant Farmers Cup (champion exhibitor in calf handling): Molly Phillipson; Haighton  Silver Cup (best YFC animal): Samantha Sugden; Heselton Trophy (best animal in beef classes): John Stephenson; Keelham Farm Shop Trophy (champion commercial beef): John Stephenson. Sheep: McKell Family Trophy (champion sheep): Kenton Foster; George & John Beckwith Cup (most points in sheep section): Andrew Fisher; B Capstick Memorial Cup (champion Dalesbred):  Richard Close & Son; Binns Cup (champion Texel):   Margaret Perrings; Reeday Family Cup (champion Suffolk): John Lawn; Caton Jubilee Cup (champion Mule): John Wilson & Mrs Dunning; K H Throup & Son Cup (best half-bred Masham):  Mark Elliot; T M Irving Cup (most Swaledale points):  Bill Cowperthwaite & Son; CCM Cup for Champion Young Handler: Bethany Hobson; Windle, Beech & Winthrop Trophy (champion Beltex): Karen Shuttleworth; Hurrsdale Cup (champion Jacob): Claire Thwaite; Dawson Family Cup (champion Teeswater): Andrew Fisher; Bob Newby Cup (champion male Texel): Mark Crabtree; St Andrews Church Cup (champion Bluefaced Leicester): James Middleton; Steven Pepper Cup (champion pair of fat lambs): John Stephenson. Shire Horses: George Lowther Cup (best brood mare with foal): Richard Bedford; Isherwood Cup (best colt or filly foal): Richard Bedford; Emmott Cup (champion heavy horse): F Pickles; Whitter Cup (junior champion horse): F Pickles. Hunters: Silver Cup (nursery stakes working hunter): Amy Simpson; Silver Cup (best novice working hunter/pony): Katrina Braithwaite; Silver Cup (best open working hunter horse): Jenny Eyton-Jones; Silver Cup (best open working hunter pony): Rachel Little; The Tom Bannister Memorial Cup (champion hunter): Katrina Braithwaite. Shetlands: Stockaclose Trophy (miniature pony, three and under): Lorna Jamieson; Craven Shetlands Trophy (best opposite sex to champion): Eileen Bames. Show Jumping: Triers Cup (best turnout & effort in judge’s view): Hannah Brown; Silver Rosebowl (ponies not exc 148cm: fences 70cm): Laura Ward; Shield (ponies not exc 148cm: fences 80cm): Faye Bowles; Silver Cup (horses exc 148cm: fences 80cm): Jenny Eyton-Jones; Brian Reeves Trophy (horses exc 148cm: fences 90cm): Linda Walsh; Silver Salver (horses exc 148cm: fences 1M): Louise Naylor. Produce and cakes: Coulthurst Cup (most points in handicrafts section): Mandy Mitchell; Cockshott Cup (most points in the produce and cakes section): Cathie Cromarty; Gargrave Village Hall Ladies Trophy (ladies section member with most points): Kath Knight; Susan Graveston Trophy (most points in the baking section): Cathie Cromarty; Clough Cup (most points in children’s baking): Isobel Willis; Veronica Sharp Memorial Trophy (best exhibit children’s baking): Olivia Pease; Swales Trophy (most points in children’s handicrafts): Ava Thompson & Elliot Belt. Horticulture: Silver Cup (best exhibit in vegetable classes): B & A Robinson; Silver Cup (best exhibit in flower classes): Mandy Mitchell; Silver Cup (best exhibit in floral arrangement classes): Jean Banks. Poultry and Eggs: J and J Barry Cup (best in show): J Halley; Carlos Bros Cup (best HF in show): Robinson & MacDonald; Irving Challenge Cup (best utility bird): C Bennett; Johnson & Johnson Silver Salver (best large bird): J Heeley; Miss Alcock Tray (best Sussex bantam): J Chorley; Cup for the Best Waterfowl (kindly donated by Mrs S Proctor): J Halley; S & S Windle Cup (best true bantam): W Birkett & Sons; T Proctor Challenge Bowl (best SF bird in show): J Chorlet; Don Hutchinson Cup (best eggs [donated by Colin Wood]): A Peach. Poultry Club Regional Show Awards: Best in Show: J Halley; Reserve Best in Show: J Chorley; Best Trio: J Moore; Best Rare: J Moore; Best Soft Feather - large: J P Heeley; Best Soft Feather – heavy bantam: J Chorley; Best Soft Feather – heavy light: A Winfield; Best Hard Feather – bantam: P Burns; Best Hard Feather – large: J Bellard; Best True Bantam: W Birkett & Sons; Best Waterfowl (best in show): J Halley; Best Juvenile: Robinson & MacDonald; Best Eggs: A Peach. Best of Breed Winners: Best Serama: M Chenery; Best \Russian Orloff: J Gillam. Fell Racing: McKell Trophy (highest placed local male runner): Harry Coates; Silentnight Cup: Harry Coates; Weatherill Shield (highest placed local female runner): Beth Roberts.
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